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ATLanta Steppers DJ BATTLE 2018


ATL Steppin DJs … Are You Ready to Enter the Hottest DJ Battle Ever?

As part of the TSWGA’s 1 st Saturday Ultimate Adult Day-to-Night Party held on September 1, 2018, at The Helene Mills Senior Multipurpose Facility 515 John Wesley Dobbs Ave., Atlanta, GA 30312. We will be hosting a “Winner Takes All” DJ competition from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Winner will receive a cash prize of $500 and a Bragging-Rights trophy. Only 6 paid applications will be accepted to allow each DJ 15 minutes to display your “A” GAME!!! Entry fee is $50.00 and you can bring your own system, but must be ready to plug and play.


Entry Procedure:

  • All registration forms will be collected from TSWGA’s website.
  • Complete form and pay $50.00 on the TSWGA website.
  • Submit a high-resolution photo to These will be the pictures that will be used throughout the promotional period.
  • Submit a very brief bio, no more than 100 words, and not less than 50 words; your bio must include DJ name and real name, where you are from. Include how long you have been DJ’n and any past bookings of note. Your Biography may be posted on our Facebook page throughout the promotional period.
  • Each registration will be reviewed by a Fair Selection Committee (“FSC”) on the basis of the following:
    • Timely receipt of a correct and completed registration form
    • Paid $50 Entry Fee. No refunds will be given.
  • Attire, image, as well as content of performance must be suitable and in line with TSWGA’s 1 st Saturday Ultimate Adult Day-to-Night Party attire.
  • Intoxication use or possession of any controlled substance, or Impolite, discourteous or obscene speech of conduct toward, or in hearing range of the public or judges by any participant or support group will be sufficient grounds to terminate your participation in this contest.
  • The maximum duration for each DJ session will be 15 minutes. May be adjusted (increased) based on the number of entries.
  • Contestants playing Pre-mixed or Re-worked songs will be immediately disqualified. i.e., Tony Lane remix of Spectrum song “Movin On” or Shorty Smooth remix of Ro James – “Permission”
  • TSWGA will not give feedback or a critique to entrants.
  • Judges will use the following criteria in coming up with the winner; Technical skills, Song Choices, Creativity, Crowd Interaction, Clear and Audible Announcements, Ability to incorporate a Line Dance or Walkin Mix without breaking the Party Flow.
  • TSWGA reserves the right to record, video, and photograph any performance for promotional purposes, with no claim for proceeds, compensation, or any ownership by the DJ. TSWGA retains ownership of all recordings, videos, and photographs produced during the Competition.
  • All prizes will be awarded to the winner if not directly after contact, before the end of the event on September 1, 2018.
  • In the event of a stoppage of performance by the Contestant, the following rules will apply:
    • If the stoppage is due to equipment failure and due to no fault of the DJ, the Contestant will be allowed to perform the set in its entirety from the beginning.
    • If the stoppage is due to equipment failure that is due to the fault of the DJ, the Contestant may start from the beginning, but the time will recommence from where the Contestant stopped, and no extra time will be permitted in this regard.
  • The Judge’s decision in all matters is FINAL, and cannot be appealed or contested.

By completing this form accordingly it will serve as your official registration into the competition and agreement to the terms and conditions.

STEP 1: DJ Battle Entry Form


7 + 14 =

STEP 2: Complete Payment